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Advancing the field of AI for Industry and Society

Collaborate and support research in the field of machine intelligence that enable computers and systems to complement human reasoning

The objective of Samatrix is to bring the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning to everyone. We are working with researchers and academia to ensure that the technology can be used to help people.

By harnessing the explosion in computational power and digital data, we have been focusing on developing state-of-the-art solutions and algorithms to enable natural interaction between human and machine that can augment and enhance human skills and agility.

To harness the power of intelligent machines, we actively engage with research community by conducting technical conferences and workshops, and collaboration with universities and technical institutions in India. Our research groups that include colleagues from industry and academia cover all the topics related to artificial intelligence to understand and advance the academic problems surrounding AI.

Focus Areas

Algorithms and theory

Foundational work that focuses on developing and improving algorithms to evolve advance computers, parallel computing, game theory

Human language technology

Natural language processing, speech recognition, language modeling, understanding, deep learning, computer vision

Human machine interaction

Using breakthrough in technology enable machines to naturally interact with human in meaningful and productive ways

Computational biology

Understand biological systems and human genome through bioinformatics, molecular biology and genomics

Security and privacy

Develop machine learning algorithms and systems to prevent and recover from phishing, malware and cyber-attacks

Cyber-physical systems and robotics

Vision, actuation, and manipulation of drones and assistive robots that can interact with physical world

Computational perception & cognition

Explore methods of computer science, neuroscience and cognitive science to model the perception and cognition for machines

Systems and networking

Design and build the next generation, scalable, fast and reliable systems. Distributed system, hardware, storage and data centers

Economics and computation

Use mathematical and computational tools to provide strategic insights through game theory, operations management, and econometrics

Academic Programs

Samatrix believes in academic collaboration for research. We partner with academic institutions, universities, faculty, doctoral, and post-graduate students to advance research to solve the real world problems. To build a strong relationship with the academic world, we have launched a variety of programs to support research in academic institutions and universities.


Institution/University collaboration

We believe in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in cutting-edge technologies such as AI and blockchain. We help academic institutions set on-campus innovation and incubation centers

We collaborate with academic institutions and universities to design academic curriculum for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs.

Samatrix partners with academic institutions and universities in setting up AI lab and infrastructure for research.

Faculty engagement

The objective of Samatrix is to assimilate the knowledge in cutting-edge technologies to more and more people so that India can become leading geography for AI talent. We work closely with the academic institution towards the development and training of faculty who can carry forward the assimilation of knowledge to the students.

We support multi-year leading research projects in the academic institution through faculty collaboration, infrastructure set up, and financial aids.

To promote the leading research in academic institutions, Samatrix has constituted faculty research award for outstanding contribution in research in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and mathematics.

Student support

Samatrix provides assistance to outstanding research doctoral students in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and blockchain. We offer a variety of direct assistance through scholarship, travel grants and other research-related expenses.
In order to support, recognize, and inspire outstanding students with limited resources, we offer scholarships to undergraduate and postgraduate students. The scholarship would be in terms of providing the required training, direct scholarships and travel grants.
For interested students who want to pursue a career in artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and blockchain, we offer a year-round internship program for various durations.

Our Office Locations

Head Office - Gurgaon
Samatrix Consulting Pvt Ltd
311 Vipul Trade Centre
Sector 48, Sohna Road
Gurgaon - 122018
New Delhi
105. Nehru Pl Road,
Block 1, Kalkaji
New Delhi – India
166, Second Floor,
5th Main Road, MC Layout,
Opp BDA Complex,
Karnataka – India
Samatrix Consulting Pvt Ltd
1st Floor,
Near Shakthi Chowk,
Civil Lines
Bijnor – Uttar Pradesh – India


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