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Seminar Series on Artificial Intelligence

Samatrix.io has been working with leading Universities and Technical Institutions in India to build a community to foster the research in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. The team Samatrix has created a consortium of 50 Universities and Technical Institutions to shares the insights on Artificial Intelligence with academia and foster research.

The key objectives of the seminar and workshops are

  • Explore the opportunities and challenges the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning offer and insights into exciting advancements in technology
  • The real-world implementation of AI and explore how they have changed our lives
  • The exciting opportunities AI has been creating in the fields of medicine, banking, and finance, retail, logistics, and advertisements. How technology has been impacting the people working in the respective fields
  • Showcase the skill sets industries are looking for globally, define the gaps in skill sets and illustrate the knowledge the students should acquire to build exciting applications to solve the real business problems
Seminar on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

Workshop/Seminar Schedule - January 2019

Team Samatrix is working with the following universities and technical institutions across India to develop the ecosystem of research and development to democratize Artificial Intelligence, accelerate innovation, and solve real-world problems.

We support students and faculty, who are working on world-class research in machine learning and deep learning. We collaborate with universities and technical institution in India to foster research, academic development, and technology innovation through meaningful engagement with students and faculty.

Seminar Topic Schedule
Artificial Intelligence Techinques
2 April 2019, Faridabad
Decentralized App Development with Blockchain
3 April 2019, 3-5 PM
Conversational User Interface with Bots
8 April 2019
Big Data Visualization
4 April 2019
Deep Learning with Python
5 April 2019, Bahadurgarh
Advance Deep Learning Techniques
9 April 2019
Deep Learning and Neural Network with Python
15 April 2019
DevOps in Real World
16 April 2019
Machine Learning in Security Application
17 April 2019
Introduction to Deep Learning, CNN, RNN
18 April 2019
Machine Learning for Developers
19 April 2019
Artificial Intelligence Techniques
22 April 2019
Advance Deep Learning Techniques
23 April 2019
Deep Learning and Neural Network with Python
24 April 2019
Data Visualization with Matplotlib
25 April 2019
Natural Language Processing with Python
29 April 2019
Advance Deep Learning Techniques
30 April 2019

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